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We're Enemy Spotted Studios and we make badass miniatures and games.

We're a team of US Military Service members and gamers who just want to create an inviting atmosphere for tabletop wargaming.

We believe the act of getting together and crafting a story is the purpose of tabletop gaming.

Our team includes guys working their way through college to actual Military advisors that ensure our miniatures are true to life. We're service member owned and operated and produce all of our work in the United States.

We love interacting with you guys so reach out and show us what kind of painting and work you've done!



10% of ALL SALES goes towards fighting veteran suicide.

We know what it's like, we've been there. We want to stop it.

We work with Mission22 and several other charities.


Check out our other game: KILLWAGER the most tactical science fiction tabletop game available. With rules that prioritize positioning of your models and out maneuvering your opponent you will always have a chance to turn the tide.
Find it here!

We have some awesome expansions planned for both INCOUNTRY and KILLWAGER so follow us on Social Media and join our email list today!


Our miniatures are a mixture of cast resin and 3d printed master files.

We utilize high detail prototyping machines and resin casting companies to ensure ALL of our products are the highest damn quality available. Our miniatures are made in the USA and employ several US Citizens.

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